Other People’s Books

I love reading. It strips the bars from the prison cell of daily life and cools down the infernal Hades that is editing your own work. When I read a decent book, I like to review it, because that’s what you should always do when you’ve enjoyed a book. Below is a selection of my more recent reviews. These are great books by great authors. Enjoy.

Mother – S. E. Lynes
Maria in the Moon – Louise Beech
The Other Twin – L V Hay
Deep Down Dead – Steph Broadribb
The Mountain in my Shoe – Louise Beech
Death Stalks Kettle Street – John Bowen
Oddjobs – Iain Grant and Heide Goody
The Prodigal – Nicky Black
That Birds Would Sing – Joanna Franklin Bell
Horizontal Living – Ray Green
Concealment – Rose Edmunds
Best Seller: A Tale of Three Writers – Terry Tyler
600 Hours of Edward – Craig Lancaster
Beelzebelle – Iain Grant and Heide Goody

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